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House rules

Hall of Residence Rules Preamble:

The property management company Livit AG is assisted by an internal department which specialises in building management, both in terms of infrastructure and the technical aspects of building management, "Livit Facility Management Service" (abbreviated to Livit FM, hereinafter also referred to as "the operator"). Livit FM takes care of the smooth operation of the property on site.

1. Consideration/duty of care In the interests of harmonious relations among the tenants, all of the residents undertake to show consideration for one another and to exercise care when using all of the rooms and facilities. Each tenant is obliged to use water, electricity and heating sparingly in the property.

2. Quiet times/noise pollution Any disturbances of the other residents are to be avoided. Music and conversations are to be confined to household noise levels at all times. The playing of musical instruments in the rooms is prohibited. The statutory sleeping hours are 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

3. Visitors/guests The landlord's prior written consent is to be obtained for any visitors staying with the tenant for more than 3 nights. The landlord shall, in any case, be entitled to invoice the tenant a flat fee of 30.00 CHF for the visitor's overnight stay.

4. Parties and other celebrations The written consent of the management must be obtained in advance for all parties; at the same time, the management must be notified of at least one person who is responsible for the party, as well as the location and the start and end times of the party. The person(s) responsible shall be personally liable for any damage caused in and to the property (including furniture); the parties responsible for the party shall, in addition, give a guarantee that they will clean up afterwards. This cleaning must be completed at the latest by midday on the following day.

5. The operator's rights and obligations/formation of residential groups The operator is entitled to make the necessary organisational arrangements to guarantee the smooth operation of the hall of residence, particularly as regards the use of the communal areas and dealing with cleaning duties. For this purpose, so-called residential groups are formed by the operator. Each tenant is a member of such a residential group. The tenant is responsible for checking the noticeboards and information boards to find out what duties have been assigned to the residential groups; the operator reserves the right to issue individual instructions to tenants or residents in particular cases. The tenant undertakes to comply with the operator's instructions. He is responsible for ensuring that they are also observed by the residents of his rental property. The operator's instructions are to be complied with. In the event of a violation, the tenant can expect to have his tenancy terminated.

6. Inspection/handover of rooms The handover and inspection of the rooms shall be conducted by the operator and a record shall be made of this. In addition to the condition of the rental property, the record shall also include a list of the furniture and equipment in the room including details of prices, if items have to be replaced. Following the end of the period of tenancy the room and the refrigerator compartment are to be completely cleared prior to handover. Cleaning shall be carried out by the landlord. The tenant is to pay the landlord a lump sum of CHF 290.00 (incl. VAT) for the costs incurred. If damage is noted during the inspection, which was not noted in the record which was drawn up at the commencement of the tenancy or which can be proven to be the tenant's fault, this damage shall be repaired at the tenant's expense. The deposit shall be refunded, if the tenant has moved out in accordance with the regulations and the landlord does not have any claims for compensation.

7. Keys Door keys are to be stored carefully. If a key is lost, the operator is to be informed immediately, however at the latest by 9:00a.m. on the following working day. The costs of obtaining a replacement shall be borne by the tenant.

8. Rooms The tenant is obliged to clean his room and the associated bathroom regularly, but at least every 14 days. The rooms and bathrooms are equipped with a ventilation hygiene system. To prevent any damage, the system and the ventilation slots must not be tampered with or covered. Likewise, washing must not be dried in the room. In order to avoid glass breakages and water damage, the windows are to be kept closed when it is windy. If this regulation is breached, any resulting damages are to be paid for by the tenant. Hot meals should only be consumed in the communal areas; the use of hotplates and gas cookers, etc. is prohibited in the rooms. Any damage caused by faulty electrical equipment shall be paid for by the tenant. Nails and drawing pins must be driven home carefully. All nails, drawing pins and the like are to be removed at the time of handing back the room.

9. Occupancy of rooms The tenant has been informed that the management is not able to take account of the gender of tenants when letting the rooms. It is therefore possible that a man may have to share a bathroom with a woman.

10. Furniture The room furniture provided by the landlord and the furniture in the communal areas are to be used with care. No furniture may be removed from the rooms or communal areas. No modifications may be made to the furniture. Damages are to be immediately reported to the operator. The tenant shall be responsible for the completeness and the condition of the furniture and equipment in the room during the period of tenancy. The existing furniture is shown on the record of the handover.

11. Cleanliness/cleaning of general areas and communal facilities The entire hall of residence is to be kept in a clean and tidy condition, both inside and outside. The communal rooms and areas inside and outside such as the kitchen, lounge, terrace, bathroom/WC, games rooms, laundry room and courtyard, etc. are to be cleaned by the members of the respective residential group in accordance with the cleaning schedules specified by the operator. All of the tenants are required to participate in the cleaning in accordance with the cleaning schedule. If the tenant is unable to do so, he is to find a replacement himself and the latter is to be notified to the operator in writing in advance. The cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, mops and cleaning agents, etc) shall be provided by the landlord or operator. If the tenant does not comply with his duty to clean, this shall constitute a serious breach of contract; the landlord shall, in this case, be entitled to terminate the tenancy without notice, following the issue of a warning notice which has been ignored. In addition, the landlord shall be entitled to give the members of the relevant residential group a deadline for subsequent cleaning, with a warning that if they fail to carry out the required cleaning by the end of the period set, a cleaning company shall be appointed at the expense of the members of the residential group.

12. Waste Waste is to be disposed of regularly and in an appropriate manner. The dumping of waste and objects in the communal areas and outdoors is not permitted. In particular, storing food or objects on window sills is not permitted.

13. Communal areas
The regulations for use (e.g. laundry room regulations, etc.) and operating instructions for all equipment in the communal areas are to be consistently observed. Any damage caused by failure to use the equipment properly shall be paid for by the person causing the damage.

a. Kitchens
The property has 3 kitchens, each of which has 5 cooking units, crockery and other cooking utensils for communal use. Each room tenant is obliged to wash and put away the dishes he has used. Each tenant is entitled to use the kitchen of his choice. The personal refrigerator compartment shall be kept clean by the respective tenant. The compartment must be emptied each month by the tenant. The operator is entitled to check the refrigerators.

b. Bar/Lounge
The lounge including bar is provided for the sole use of the residents of the hall of residence and is not open to the public. The lounge furniture must not be removed from the relevant area and, in particular, must not be used outdoors. Each tenant is responsible for ensuring that the bar/lounge is kept in a clean and tidy condition. The bar/lounge area must be reserved for events for 15 or more persons. This is done by making the relevant reservation on the posted booking schedule. It can generally be used free of charge. A handover and return record shall be compiled for each event and a deposit (CHF 200.00) collected from the tenant. If the bar/lounge area is returned in perfect condition, the deposit shall be refunded to the tenant; the settlement is to take place within 30 days.

c. Laundry/drying room
The laundry room is available for washing laundry. Washing machines and tumble dryers are to be used with care; the relevant operating instructions and any laundry room rules are to be strictly observed. The laundry room and equipment are to be cleaned after every use. Any washing left hanging up or lying around for several days shall be disposed of by the operator without prior warning.

d. Music rooms
The three music rooms may be reserved by means of the reservation schedule posted in front of the respective room. The users are responsible for ensuring that the music rooms are left in a clean and tidy condition. Following use, all of the items taken into the rooms (instruments, sheet music and amplifiers, etc.) are to be removed from the music room. The management does not accept any liability for any damage to instruments which are left in the room. It is prohibited to take food into the music room.

14. Outside area a. Terraces/courtyard The terraces and courtyard are only to be used by the tenants and their visitors. They must be kept in a clean and tidy condition. Any waste must be cleared away by the person responsible for it. Barbecuing is prohibited on the terraces and in the courtyard. b. Visitor parking spaces Visitor parking spaces are available. However, they may only be used for short periods (maximum stay 3 hours). Visitors wishing to park for longer periods must use the public parking spaces. c. Bicycle parking facilities Bicycles must be parked in the designated places. No bicycles may be left in the hall of residence. The management reserves the right to remove bicycles which are not parked properly and to hand these over to the police.

15. Access to the living areas/inspection Access to the room and bathroom must be granted to the management and operator at any time by prior arrangement. Access must be granted immediately in the event of an emergency. The kitchen and other communal areas may be entered by the management's representatives at any time.

16. Duty to report Each tenant is obliged to report any faults and defects in the room and communal areas to the operator.

17. Pets Pets are not allowed. This also applies to small animals such as rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes and fish, etc.

18. Prohibition of smoking With the exception of the designated areas outdoors, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises of the hall of residence.

19. Parabolic/satellite dishes The fitting of parabolic dishes is not permitted in the room or in any other areas. Any parabolic dishes mounted in contravention of this regulation shall be removed on the landlord's instructions and the costs of this shall be charged to the tenant.

20. Lift The regulations displayed in the lift are to be observed. Any breakdowns are to be immediately reported to the operator. The lift is to be used with the necessary care.

21. Security The front door is always to be locked. The same applies to all other entrances to the hall of residence such as e.g. cellar doors. For security reasons, all corridors and landings must be kept completely clear of obstacles. Therefore, no objects whatsoever may be stored in these areas. A defibrillator and first-aid equipment are available in an accessible cabinet for emergencies. The onset of any illnesses, which may pose a risk to other residents, is to be notified to the operator immediately.

22. Internet Each room has an Internet connection. The landlord wishes to point out that downloading files protected by copyright or illegal files from the Internet is prohibited. All Internet activity is logged for security reasons.

23. Disclaimer The management does not accept any liability for the theft of any objects (including data).

24. Amendments to these Hall of Residence Rules The management is entitled to amend these Hall of Residence Rules, unilaterally, up to a termination date. The corresponding amendment is to be notified to the tenant using the official form.

Special agreements


It is the responsibility of the tenant to clean the rental property. The details are set out under the "Hall of Residence Rules" section in this contract.
The tenant additionally undertakes to participate in cleaning the following communal facilities:
- Cooking/eating areas (ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor).
- Foyer, outside entrance area, ground-floor terrace, terrace on 3rd floor - Student lounge on 1st floor/2nd floor,
- Games room on 2nd floor,
- Washing/drying area on 2nd floor
- Courtyard
The cleaning tasks shall be carried out in accordance with a cleaning schedule which is definitively specified by the management. The details are set out under the "Hall of Residence Rules" section in this contract.

Intended purpose/subletting
The tenant undertakes only to use the rental property as a single room for living purposes and for studying. Any use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Any change in the intended use shall require the written consent of the landlord.
Rooms may only be sublet to students. This shall require the prior written consent of the landlord.

Facilities for communal use
The tenant undertakes to comply with the special instructions of the management and the latter's assistants regarding these. The details are set out in the "Hall of Residence Rules".

Compulsory insurance
The tenant is obliged to hold liability insurance (including damage caused by tenants) from the start date of the tenancy. A copy of the insurance contract (policy) is to be submitted to the landlord when the property is handed over.

Duty to notify end of studies
The tenant is obliged to terminate this tenancy agreement within the prescribed time limit on the date that he finishes his studies, or if he interrupts his studies for more than 6 months. If the tenant fails to give notice, the landlord shall be entitled to terminate the tenancy himself.

Final cleaning
The cleaning of both the room (including furniture) and the refrigerator compartment shall be carried out by the landlord. The tenant is to pay the landlord a lump sum of CHF 380.00 (incl. VAT) for the costs incurred. The lump sum is included in the amount of the security deposit (Section 8) and shall be deducted directly from the security deposit with the final account.

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