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Tenancy agreement for furnished single room

Swiss Life AG Livit AG
General Guisan-Quai 40
8002 Zurich

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Livit AG
Real Estate Management
Altstetterstrasse 124
8048 Zurich

Notice Period:
The lease can be terminated at the end of each month (exept December). The notice period is 2 months.

The tenant is to give notice by means of a registered letter, whereas the landlord is to give notice using the official form. The notice shall be valid, if it is received by the other party or is ready for collection at the post office at the latest on the final day prior to the period of notice. If the tenancy agreement is concluded for multiple tenants, the notice of termination must be signed by all of the tenants. If the tenant wishes to terminate the tenancy agreement early without observing the agreed notice periods, he shall be liable for the rent, ancillary costs and the other tenant obligations until such time as the property is re-let, but at the latest until the next contractually possible termination date. Unless otherwise instructed by the tenant, the landlord shall endeavour to re-let the rental property as quickly as possible following the early return thereof. The associated costs (especially for insertions in both print and electronic media) and the resulting additional administrative outlay shall be borne by the tenant. The tenant may only be released from his obligations under the tenancy agreement prematurely, if he proposes a suitable new tenant, who is able to pay and ready to take over the tenancy agreement under the same conditions at the time that the property is returned, to the landlord. The landlord is to be allowed sufficient time to make the necessary investigations.

Type of use/duty of use/ancillary rooms
The rental property shall be used as a furnished single room. Number of persons: 1 The following areas/facilities may also be used: Bathroom/toilet, kitchen, bar/lounge, music rooms, games room, roof terrace, laundry room.

Ancillary costs
The rent includes the costs of the caretaker, heating, electricity, Internet, water and refuse and the use of washing machines and dryers.

Security deposit
The tenant agrees to the date of the contract start an amount equal to one month's rent + CHF 290.00 for final cleaning to ensure all claims of the lessor under this lease (rent, compensation payments in case of early termination of the contract, according damages extraordinary wear and tear, etc.) into a savings account to a to afford the financial institution designated by the landlord. The security deposit must have been paid in by the time that the keys are handed over.

Free rooms

The Studentenwohnen building has 105 rooms for students. It offers attractively priced premises which are ideal for living and working.

The prices include the additional costs for caretaker, electricity, internet connection, heating, water and refuse collection. The price of the room depends on the size in m2.


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