All under
one roof

Three modern kitchens

Several floors have three modern kitchens with five cooking units each. They are fitted out very practically, with dishes, pots and pans and other cooking utensils, dishwashers - and fridges where you have your own lockable compartment.

Large tables and seating facilities also offer you the possibility to meet friends in this area and to cook and eat together.

One of the kitchens has an adjoining terrace, for when you feel like enjoying a meal in the fresh air in sunny weather.

Free rooms

The Studentenwohnen building has 105 rooms for students. It offers attractively priced premises which are ideal for living and working.

The prices include the additional costs for caretaker, electricity, internet connection, heating, water and refuse collection. The price of the room depends on the size in m2.


Our student residence is characterized by an open and clear architecture. Get a virtual overview here.